"I will teach your business the best ways to recruit."

Michelle Flynn

"The best technical recruiter in London, bar none"

Bob Strudwick, Chief Technical Officer, ASOS

Why should you learn how to recruit?

Is your business growing quickly, but you're struggling to keep up with quality hires?

Are you sometimes regretting a hiring decision a few weeks after they've joined?

Are you losing candidates too regularly to other competitors?

Are you using recruitment agencies, but finding that they waste your time with too many candidates that don't fit?

Are your in-house recruiters and hiring managers pulling in opposite directions?

What will I do?

I will teach your business the best ways to find, attract, hire & keep people so that you increase talent, capacity, productivity & positive culture and reduce cost, time, pressure & stress.

How will I do it?


Guide, Mentor, Coach

Your Business

Board, Hiring Managers, HR, Recruiters, Agencies


Calmer, Faster, More Efficient, More Organized




Marketing, First Contact, Engagement, Interviews


Offer, Accept, Start


Retain & Maintain

Why am I the best person to help you?

I have 21+ years experience of doing recruitment properly : 

In-house Recruiter for global brands (Intrinsic Recruitment, 7 years)

In-house Recruiter (Conchango / EMC, 6 years)

Agency Recruiter (Computer Futures, 8 years)

I believe the best placed people to attract talent to a company are those already working there. This is why I work in and work for the companies I am working with. I spend my days in their studios or offices, the one a new hire would work in, among the people and culture they’ll be joining. That way I can tell the truth - both the good bits and the challenges - because people want to know the truth and they will find out soon enough. 

Honesty builds trust, respect and loyalty.

Who have I done it for?

My clients include:

Conchango, EMC, Huddle, 7digital, Moonpig, ASOS, The FT, EasyRoomMate, GiveMeSport, Energyhelpline, Wiggle, Masabi, Audio Network, KnowledgeMill, B&Q, Profero

Don't take my word for it

"Michelle pioneered and created a complete community, culture and internal talent recruitment and retention capability that was not only highly innovative, it was successful and a differentiator in the growing our business at the time. This also involved focusing on the health and well being side of people management."

Mike Altendorf - Conchango

“It would be in no way an exaggeration to say that Michelle revolutionised our recruitment for the better, with significant tangible benefits in both cost and quality.

Michelle understood in a way that no other recruiter I have worked with that recruitment doesn't start with a job spec and applicants, but that it starts with a company's proposition to its candidates, and a community of people with a long-term relationship based on value and trust.” 

Iyas AlQasem - Conchango

“I couldn’t have created my fantastic team at Moonpig without you!” 

Anders Reeves - Moonpig

"Michelle is the most effective recruiter with whom I have worked. Michelle has a huge network of contacts in the technology industry and was consistently able to identify strong candidates that met our unusually high standards at Huddle. Crucially, Michelle was very quickly able to understand what it meant to be a Huddler ensuring candidates were a good cultural fit as well as possessing the required technical skills. When you find a recruiter like Michelle, you don't let her go!"

Colin Grossman - Huddle

“As recruiters go, Michelle is professional, organised, communicative and honest. I couldn't recommend Michelle high enough for work she has done for Wiggle.” 

Rishi Dookhee - Wiggle

“Since working with Michelle at the FT, recruitment has become a simpler process.” 

Jay Sethi - The Financial Times

You can find more recommendations on my LinkedIn profile

The numbers


I have helped over 1500 people find new roles


Time reduced from months to weeks (sometimes days)


Interviews to hires reduced from 25:1 to 4:1


Churn rates reduced to 5% through hiring the right people

Step One – Ignition

Phone / Skype with Project Owner

Initial Debrief

Current State & Impact

Market Conditions


Step Two – Accelerate

Skype or In-Person Meeting with PO & Sponsor

Individual or Collective Debrief

Current State & Impact

Future Desired State & Impact

What Does Success Look Like?

Key KPIs



Document of Findings & Recommendations

Step Three - Launch

One to One Interviews and / or Group Workshops with Everyone Involved in Recruitment

Current State & Impact

Future Desired State & Impact

Deep Dive - Tools, Specs, Process, Comms, Brand

Stats & Performance

Salaries, Benefits & Culture

Competitor Analysis



Document of Findings & Recommendations

Step Four - The Journey

Other Services Available on Request

  • Process Design
  • Tools Optimisation
  • Hiring Team Training
  • In-house Recruiter Assessment
  • Agency Introductions & Selection 
  • Process Mentoring
  • Direct Hiring
  • HR Consulting
  • Diversity Hiring
  • Team Retention
  • Stress Management
  • Work-life Coaching

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